Welcome to the Oasis 

Do I need to bring a towel?

We are a full service spa. Amenities provided include: towel, washcloth, bath robe, ear plugs, shampoo/body wash, and shower. Bring personal cosmetics & hairbrush.

Do you change the water after each session?

No. The facility is cleaned between each session and the float pool solution is sanitized to meet or exceed the standards of the Floatation Tank Association.

Should I shower before I get there?

Our Float Suites have an integrated shower. You will shower here before you float. Avoid using oils, creams, or makeup. The float suite is equipped with make-up remover wipes. When showering, Shampoo, wash & RINSE thoroughly. There is no need for conditioner before the float and shampoo after.

Should I bring my swimsuit?

This is completely up to you. We advise floating nude because of the idea that if the water temperature is the same as your skin and you float with the lights off or your eyes closed, you won’t feel anything. It should feel like you are floating in mid-air. We want you to feel comfortable, so do what is right for you.

I just dyed my hair, can I still float?

Because hair dye can leach into the pod water and discolor it, we have to ask that you wait 2-3+ weeks after hair color treatment to float. Lighter colors 2 weeks, darker colors 3 weeks, 30 days for bright red.

I just accidentally cut myself, should I float?

Cuts should be scabbed over. If you have an open sore, you will need to reschedule. We have vaseline to cover light scrapes.

I am not sure that I can float for an hour.

Our pods are filled with 1000 lbs. of Epsom Salts and 200 gallons of water. Absolutely no effort is required to stay afloat.





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